Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welcome To Our Blog

Hi!! We are so glad you are here visiting us! We have such a great time in Cedar Chip. We have so much fun that we have to tell you about us...

Our first adventure was The Hospital Visit where we went to visit our Grandma. We went to the vending machines to get a snack, then decided to go for a ride on a wheelchair. We had so much fun..until The Hospital Security Guard caught us.....oops

Our second adventure was when we went to Grandpa's Farm. We had so much fun with Grandpa's animals. We were chased all around the farm and ended up in the pigpen with Mom. We picked apples with Grandma and made Grandpa's two old horses run around in circles....poor Grandpa.

Coming soon is Winter Break... This story is about what we did during our winter break.  We saved Ted the Turkey and went to work with Dad.

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And that's not all!  We have a coloring book that will be ready soon.  We can't wait!  We love to color!

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Dino and Spike